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The reality of owning a Mac in today’s world.


Back in the late 80s and up until 3 years ago Apple Macs were seen as being impervious to virus and malware attacks.

Back then Macs had around .9% of the total computer market share. Currently Apple Macs account for around 9.2% of the total computer market, a marked increase. As a consequence of the increase in popularity of IDevices, Hackers and Virus/Malware creators have refocused their attention to creating malicious software that affects Apple Macs and the IOS operating system.

Bottom line is that Apple put out a release around 18 months go recommending that Apple users install an Antivirus solution. You can be pretty certain that if Apple are making the recommendation it’s worth following. All of the major Antivrus companies offer a Mac Antivirus solution. Here’s an article that gives you some background and recommendations.


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